Tim Duncan’s Ex-Wife Amy Sherrill Lifestyle, Net Worth, Age, Height, Affairs

Tim Duncan's Ex-Wife Amy Sherrill Lifestyle

Amy Sherrill is the Ex-Wife of Tim Duncan. She is an American Lady who has married the famous Nation Basketball Team member Tim Duncan. Amy was born into a wealthy family and had contact with several professional football players and other wealthy families. She happens to meet Tim Duncan of their family connections, and both of them belonged to a wealthy family.  

Amy Sherrill was born in 1977, In northern California, United States. We mostly know her from “Tim Duncan’s Ex-Wife.” Amy Sherrill divorced the retired basketball player Tim Duncan, mainly known as ‘The Greatest NBA player of all time.’ Amy Sherrill was a part of the promoter team in her school times. She is also a citizen of the United States of America and belongs to a white ethnicity. 

Tim Duncan & Ex-Wife Amy Sherrill Family

Amy Sherrill Bio Summary

Name Amy Sherrill
Birth Date 2nd January 1977 (Age – 46 Years)
Birthplace United States of America
Alma Matter Wake Forest University
Marital Status Divorced
EX- Husband Name  Tim Duncan (2001 – 2013)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Father’s Name  Fred Sherrill
Mother’s Name Judy Sherrill
Siblings None
Children Sydney, Draven
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $100 Million
Profession Under Review
Height Under Review
Education Wake Forest University

Early Life, Education, And Career

Sherrill is the ex-wife of Tim Duncan, who is now 45 years old. They got separated in the year 2013, and she is the single child of her guardian. She used to attend the local private school. She completed her schooling in the local schools. Later, she was admitted to Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem in North Carolina. Her mother’s name is Judy Sherrill, and her father’s is Fred Sherrill. 

She was a quiet girl from her childhood. Amy Sherrill and Tim Duncan started dating in 1992. Later, after giving it some time, they married on 1st July 2001. The pair married without media attention, and their ceremony was held privately. She is not a celebrity or a star; her name and life came to the media’s attention because she married a former basketball player. She was a cheerleader in college, whereas Tim Duncan was a basketball player.

 Amy is not active on any social media. She has no profile or account on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Early Life, Education, And Career

Achievements, Interests, And Personal Style 

She wanted to pursue a marketing career, and her hard work resulted in her successful career. Amy is now an inspiring business mentor who has cleared her path to becoming a CEO. When she graduated with flying colors, she got her first Job in a marketing firm. Facing several career challenges, she never gave up. 

The beginning of her career was not easy because she had to overcome the dominance of being a woman, but she worked hard to prove what a woman could do. Her hardship led her to senior roles in marketing firms. She has experienced various positions in the marketing department. Amy did everything she could have done to become a successful person. Also, she has received many awards for her progressive work in the industry.  Achievements, Interests, And Personal Style

Some news about her states that one of her hobbies is gardening. There is an article about small-space Gardening where she says a few words about what steps can be taken for proper gardening in a small area.  

Sources of Income, Business Ventures, And Real Estate Holdings 

Her primary source of income comes from her position in the Marketing Industry. She understands the basics and the importance of public speaking and branding. Amy motivates the other workers and helps them to make a better place for everyone. She reflects the personality of a strong market leader who values quality and performance.  

Her journey of becoming an inspirational CEO is heartwarming, and her story holds the value of determination, hard work, and persistence. She also works as a Philanthropic and uses her platform to motivate and share her experience. Her work was related to making decisions that ensure goodwill to the company. Amy Sherrill aimed to encourage people and guide them to become successful leaders. She is a very private person and avoids media contact. Thus, a lot of information about her is not revealed. Her business ventures and detailed Job description are still unknown.  

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Philanthropy, Charity, And Charitable Donations 

She was part of the Tim Duncan Foundation, a non-profit organization. This organization was formed to support the basics of the people. The goal was to spread awareness about education, health, and programs related to the youth.  

The other information regarding the charity and Charitable donation amount still needs to be found. Amy Sherrill is a person who does not like the world of social media, and thus, she tends to avoid any conversation with the press. This is the main reason why most of the information about her is either not confirmed or not found. Details related to the particular topic are still in progress.    

Life Milestones, Achievements, And Current Status 

Amy Sherrill is a business leader who worked hard to achieve this successful career. She graduated from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem. She wanted to become a Philanthropist. Her current status is that she is single and has two children, a boy and a girl.  

Whereas Tim Duncan has given birth to another daughter with his current girlfriend, Vanessa Macias. He got several trophies when he used to play basketball in the NBA.   

Importance of Height in Basketball And Physical Appearance 

If you want to join a basketball team, height is vital. You must have the height criteria to get selected for all groups. Size plays a significant role in influencing the favorable outcome of a game. Taller people in Basketball have more advantages than those who are not as tall. In Basketball, the players taller than others have a higher chance of winning.  

While watching a basketball match, you might have noticed that most players are tall. Talking about Tim Duncan, his height is 6 feet and 11 inches, which is 2.11 meters, and his weight is 250 lb. (133 kg.). He has also won over five NBA Champion trophies in 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2014. Duncan has won 15 NBA Star awards, 3 NBA Final MVPs, 3 Defensive Player of the Year, and several other trophies related to Basketball. 

Marriage, Divorce, Rumors And Controversies 

Amy Sherrill was a student at Wake Forest University, and so was Tim Duncan. The rumor about them is confirmed that they met each other in the year 1992. They were both students when they started their relationship. Tim received his college degree in 1997 and later became a member of the NBA team. Tim Duncan was a high scorer basketball player, whereas Sherrill was a cheerleader on the team.   

Firstly, Amy was unsure of their relationship as Duncan was an NBA player; he was primarily busy with his training and matches. She did not like the point of being left idle at home for most of the time. Later, Amy agreed to be in a relationship with the NBA player Duncan and married in 2001. In 2005, they were leading a vibrant life with the birth of a baby girl named Sydney. In 2007, they were blessed with a baby boy whom they named Draven.  

Shockingly, they got divorced in the year of 2013. Their joyful married life lasted for only 12 years with two beautiful children. Later, Amy confessed that their marriage ended because of the ceaseless conflicts and disagreements. Timothy Theodore Duncan was born on 25th April 1976 and is a retired basketball player. His career ended in 2016.  

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Moving Forward, Lessons Learned, And Future Plans

Amy Sherrill and the famous NBA player Tim Duncan had relationship problems, leading to their separation. Currently, they are having their own separate life. Amy has successfully become a CEO and is living her single life. The moral of every phase of life is it is not the ultimate or the end to everything. We learn, we move forward, and we plan our future. 

Tim Duncan’s children

The people who work hard to accomplish their goals are the ones who lead a successful life. Amy is an inspiration and motivates others. They had two wonderful kids, but sadly their marriage had to end in the year 2013.  


The love story of Amy and Tim was elite. Tim Duncan was one of the greatest players of his time. On the other hand, Amy started persuading philanthropists after graduation. There is only so much information about Amy Sherrill, additional than she is the ex-wife of Tim Duncan and the mother of two children. 

She never used to interact with the media, so information related to her height, weight, or net worth is not mentioned. This article involves everything we have gathered about Amy Sherrill and Tim Duncan. Information regarding Tim Duncan is available as he was a famous NBA player who has won plenty of trophies and recognitions. The other information yet to be found will be added as soon as it is confirmed. 

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