Félix Wembanyama (Father of Victor Wembanyama) – Things You Should Know

Félix Wembanyama (Father of Victor Wembanyama) – Things You Should Know

Félix Wembanyama is the father of the famous basketball player Victor Wembanyama. He belongs to an athletic family and is currently living in France. Felix Wembanyama is the husband of Miss. Elodie De Fautereau is a basketball coach. Felix is a field athlete who has been a champion in the long jump and High jumps. 

During Felix Wembanyama’s sports life, he was a record holder in the Long Jump (7.41 meters) and Triple Jump (15.56 meters)Felix was also a winner for completing the 100-meter race in 11 seconds. He was blessed with a younger daughter, whom they named Eve, in the year 2001. Later, he gave birth to a son, whom they named Victor on 4th January 2004. 

Félix Wembanyama Bio Summary

Name  Felix Wembanyama
Birth Date 1973
Birthplace France
Age 50 Years old
Alma Mater Unknown
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Elodie De Fautereau
Zodiac Sign unknown
Father’s Name unknown
Mother’s Name unknown
Siblings Fabrice Wembanyama
Children (3 Children) Eve, Victor and Oscar
Nationality Congolese Decent
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Unknown
Net Worth Unknown
Spouse Elodie De Fautereau
Social Media Instagram (@bigwemba)
Profession Field player and Athlete
Height 6 feet 6 inches
Education Unknown

Early Life and Background

Félix Wembanyama met Elodie De Feautereau in France. He moved to France to complete his education at university. Felix Gave birth to three beautiful children. He has been with Elodie for nearly two decades now. Felix Wembanyama is the proud father of the skilled basketball player Victor Wembanyama.

In his early life, he was a skilled athlete. Felix has always encouraged his children to pursue their dreams. He, as well as his wife, have been the backbone of their kids. Felix Wembanyama is a field athlete who has won a high and long jumps championship. Not only did he stop here, he was also the winner of triple jumps and running. He completed a 100-meter run within 11 seconds. Felix’s Background sounds interesting, but unfortunately, not much information was found about him.

Personal Life and Family

His Family is filled with athletes; Félix Wembanyama is an athlete himself. In fact, his wife, Elodie de Fautereau, is a youth basketball coach and trained his son Victor Wembanyama. She was the coach of the famous Yvelinois Basketball Academy. 

Felix Wembanyama helped his son Victor Wembanyama to focus on targets. He wanted his son to carry on with the Family’s inheritance. Now, his son is a professional basketball player. Felix Wembanyama is blessed with three children, Victor, Eve and Oscar. All of them are basketball players, and their father and mother are proud of them. Felix Wembanyama raised him in an athlete climate, as all the members of the Family were renowned athletes. Felix Wembanyama is French born and has completed her university by staying in France. He met Elodie de Fautereau in France and made love there.

Félix Wembanyama (Father of Victor Wembanyama) – Things You Should Know

Career and Professional Endeavors of Félix Wembanyama

Felix Wembanyama is 6 feet and 6 inches tall. He used to be an athlete by profession. The athlete runs in this family’s blood and has children who are also pursuing a basketball career. The athlete’s career has also persuaded Felix Wembanyama. He is a former track and is also a field athlete.

In his early life, Felix moved to France to complete his education at the University. Information about his early life, birthplace, birth date, career, and Professional Endeavors is not found. He kept his knowledge intact with him. The successful career of Felix Wembanyama showed that he was always interested in sports and wanted to become a successful athlete.

Relationship with Victor Wembanyama And His Basketball Career

Victor Wembanyama is a professional basketball player. He was born on 4th January 2004 in Le Chesnay, France. Victor is only 19 years old and has succeeded in basketball. He is about the height of 7 feet 5 inches. He has two siblings, Oscar and Eve, leading basketball careers. When he was a kid, his father, Felix Wembanyama and his mother, Elodie De Fautereau, helped him understand the athlete styles. They both raised him in a sports environment.

Victor is the superstar in basketball who plays for the LNB Pro A team, Metropolitans 92. Victor carries a net worth of $1.5 Million for playing professionals in basketball. In addition, he earns a monthly salary of about $21k from this career. He is said to be the hottest prospect in the European basketball team. Victor is extremely attached to his Basketball career, and his parents are proud of him. He started his career in basketball in 2019. Victor was in the Nanterre 92 team for the period 2019 to 2021. In 2021, he played for the ASVEL, and later, in 2022, he was selected to play for the Metropolitans 92. 

Victor Wembanyama won the Pro A Champion (2022), the LNB All-star Award in 2021 and 2022, and LNB All-Star Game MVP in 2022. 

Net Worth and Financial Status of Félix Wembanyama

The financial status and personal information about his net worth and earnings are not disclosed. There is scarce information about his athlete’s life and career. He comes from a background of Congolese descent and later moved to France.

Looking at their professional life, the net worth of Felix Wembanyama and his wife Elodie has a pretty good financial status. Their son is a professional basketball player. Thus, it’s obvious their quality is high.

Physical Appearance and Height of Félix Wembanyama

Felix Wembanyama is a long jumper as well as a high jumper. He is about 6 feet and 6 inches tall. He also holds the record for completing the 100-meter race within 11 seconds. He is a French citizen and of Congolese descent. Felix Wembanyama is dark-skinned with black hair. He is a former professional athlete.

Only little information is there on the internet about Felix Wembanyama, but his son Victor Wembanyama is a superstar in the basketball field. He plays for the LNB Pro A team, scoring an average of 21 points in the recent season.

Parenting and Upbringing of Victor Wembanyama by Félix Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama always stressed that his parents had supported him and guided him to ace the game. Felix Wembanyama and his wife helped him achieve his dreams and kept him from becoming a professional basketball player.

Wembanyama started his career at 18 when he was selected as the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft for 2023. He stated, “My parents never burdened me to become the best”. His mother was a basketball coach and is still serving the youth. Felix Wembanyama taught him how to run and corrected his foot positioning and body posture when he was 11. He always aimed to play for the NBA when he was 12 or 13. He was ready to do hard work and achieve the best he could through his basketball career. 

Victor was in the squad of Elodie when he was younger. He has grown up with his brother and sister, who are now basketball players. His mother guided him with skills and trained him when he was young. These are some Hobbies and Interests of Félix Wembanyama. 

Net Worth and Financial Status of Félix Wembanyama

Felix Wembanyama was always interested in sports. Information about when he started his career is not disclosed. Three of his children have their athlete DNA and are rocking their basketball careers. The hobbies of Mr Felix Wembanyama are still unknown.

Future Plans and Aspirations of Félix Wembanyama

 In the year 2004, when his son Victor was born. He started planning his future as well as their future. Victor followed in the footsteps of his mother, who was a basketball coach. Felix helped his children to focus and master the skills. All the children were blessed with their abilities and blood. His family has a long history of sports careers. Information about Felix Wembanyama will be added soon if the sources are appropriate.

Social Media Presence of Félix Wembanyama.”

Felix Wembanyama has an Instagram username of @bigwemba, with 524 and 501 followers. He has posted 151 pictures, and his account is private.

Felix Wembanyama is not active anywhere; there is no existence of his other social media accounts.


Mr Felix Wembanyama is a proud father of three children; Victor, Eve and Oscar. He is known mainly by ‘Felix Wembanyama, the father of Victor Wembanyma. In his early life, he was the price holder of the long jump and high jump. He was blessed with Victor Wembanyama in 2004 in France. Victor is now a well-renowned professional player. Most of the information about Felix Wembanyama is yet to be found.

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