Is Kaitlan Collins(CNN Host) Married? Detailed Bio, Net Worth, Height, Salary

Is Kaitlan Collins(CNN Host) Married? Detailed Bio, Net Worth, Height, Salary

CNN journalist Kaitlan Collins is not married and has never had a husband. Kaitlan Collins is the chief correspondent of the White House for the CNN media network. Till now, there has been no news of her marriage. This means she doesn’t have a husband but has been in a relationship with an entrepreneur, Will Douglas, since 2016. Though a famous personality, she decides to keep her private life to herself. Thus, only limited information is available about her. 

Kaitlan Collins Bio Summary

Kaitlan Collins Bio Summary

Name  Kaitlan Collins
Birth Date April 7, 1992
Birthplace Prattville, Alabama, United States of America 
Residence Washington DC, United States of America
Age 31
Sexuality Straight
Alma Mater Prattville High School and the University of Alabama
Marital Status Unmarried
Husband’s Name N/A
Zodiac Sign Aries
Father’s Name Jeff Collins
Mother’s Name Not disclosed
Siblings Brothers: – Cole Collins, Brayden Collins

Sister: – Lena Grace Collins

Relative Kelsey Collins
Children N/A
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Caucasian
Net Worth $ 6 million
Spouse N/A
Boyfriend Will Douglas
Social Media Twitter and Instagram
Profession Blogger, Journalist, and Writer
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Education Bachelor of Arts (journalism, class of 2014)

About Kaitlan Collins

Kaitlan Collins is a reputed American journalist. She is now the chief White House correspondent for the channel CNN. Previously, she used to work as the chief White House correspondent for The Daily Caller. She is very well-known for her diverse works and is renowned for her candid nature and for asking challenging questions. She has traveled around at least six countries after being appointed by CNN to cover the Trump administration.

Early Life and Education

She was born on April 7, 1992. Her birthplace is in Prattville, Alabama, United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Aries. She is of American nationality, follows Christianity, and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Her father, Jeff Collins, is a mortgage banker. She was raised along with her three younger siblings. The names of her brothers are Brayden and Cole. She also has a sister named Lena Grace. As of now, she has not disclosed the name of her mother. Kaitlan also claims that her parents never voted or showed any political interest or opinions. 

She attended Prattville High School and later pursued higher education in Political Science and Journalism. She graduated from the University of Alabama in 2014. Later, she moved to Washington, DC, to pursue her career in Journalism. 

Kaitlan Collins

Career at CNN

As soon as Collins got her degree, she moved to Washington, DC, to seek a career as a journalist. Soon after relocating, she was recruited by The Daily Caller as an Entertainment Reporter in June 2014. In 2016, she covered the presidential election news and became the White House correspondent for The Daily Caller in January 2017. While covering for the Trump administration, she was invited to make many appearances on CNN. This was when she was made the White House correspondent for CNN by the network president Jeff Zucker, around July 2017. She had at least travelled to six countries around the globe with Trump to cover his administration. 

She gained even more fame on July 25, 2018, when she asked Trump stimulating questions regarding Vladimir Putin and his attorney Michael Cohen. Her questions were ignored, she was barred from the Trump administration, and she was banned from covering any more of his proceedings in the White House. This raised a lot of tension between media personnel, and the claim for a free press began as an outrage. Eventually, she won her battle for free speech and press and became Chief White House correspondent on January 11, 2021. On this achievement, some people allegedly called her an “activist.” However, she made history by being the youngest member to be in the position in her profession. Around September 2022, her tenure as Chief correspondent ended, and she hosted other shows for CNN

Salary and Net Worth

As the Chief White House Correspondent for one of the most popular networks (CNN), Collins’ estimated salary was around $200,000. Besides this, she also earned many bonuses and allowances. Currently, her exact monthly paycheck is not in the public domain. Her net worth is around $ 6 million. She mainly rose to fame after appearing on CNN and gained popularity owing to her piercing attitude and stimulating questions. 

Kaitlan Collins Measurements and Height

Kaitlan Collins stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 58 Kg. She has an hourglass figure that measures 32-26-30. Her eyes are light brown, and she has brown hair. Collins has a fair complexion and is very sporty. She is famous for her candid nature and challenging questions. She aims her inquiries at uncovering the truth and keeping the public well-informed, thus, fulfilling her job as a responsible journalist.

Personal Life and Relationships

Kaitlan is a very private person and likes to maintain a low-key life. She does not disclose much about her personal life, although she is one of the most prominent people in the American media. It is reported that she has not yet tied the knot with anyone and has no children. She has also not been reported to adopt any children. From her social media handles, it is known that she has been in a relationship since 2016 with Will Douglas, who is the founder of the Crimson Care Pharmacy Group in Texas. Collins was first seen on Will’s Instagram in May 2015, but the exact date of the commencement of their relationship is not yet known. 

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They were known to exchange images of trips and dates with each other, and sometimes they even attended the same weddings. Recently, Collins was not seen on his Instagram; this declined around January 2017, after which she was said to have deleted all of their pictures. It is now speculated that the couple might have separated secretly and are no longer romantically involved with one another. 

Kaitlan Collins’ Husband and Marriage Status

Kaitan Collins is not known to be married, so she has no husband. She is suspected to be single as of now and was not known to be in a romantic relationship in the past. It was mostly speculated that she was romantically involved with Will Douglas, founder of the Crimson Care Pharmacy Group in Texas. However, she was found to connect to him on social media after early 2017, and later, she also deleted their photos together. Thus, it is assumed that they might have secretly broken up. 

Kaitlan Collins’ Social Media Presence

Kaitlan Collins is a person who maintains a low profile. She keeps her intimate life away from the limelight. She is active on her social media handles and is widely known for her direct and challenging questions. Kaitlan was alleged to have homophobic ideas, from her old tweets in which she used “fag” and once she wrote, “Idk if I wanna room with a lesbian.” Kaitlan issued a public apology and claimed that her old immature comments must not represent the person she is now. She never let the details of her private life go public and kept her relationship with Will very subtle. 

Kaitlan Collins’ Achievements and Awards

Kaitlan Collins rose through the ranks and became a prominent figure in political journalism. She rose to fame after she covered the Trump administration for CNN in 2017. She has covered various presidential campaigns, international meetings, summits, and the latest news on the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout her career, she received multiple accolades for her reporting. Her awards and achievements are listed below: –

  • She was named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list in 2018
  • The White House Correspondents’ Association’s Aldo Beckman Memorial Award for her coverage of the Trump administration’s immigration policies (2018)
  • Recipient of the National Press Foundation’s “Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress” in 2019
  • Politico’s Women Rule Summit’s Emerging Journalist Award (2019)
  • NewsGuild of New York’s Barry Lipton Memorial Award for her investigative report on sexual harassment allegations against former CBS CEO Les Moonves (2019)

Kaitlan Collins’ Future Plans and Ambitions

Kaitlan Collins is very private and does not disclose details of her personal life in the public domain. Thus, more information is needed regarding her plans and ambitions. However, she is supposedly not in the position to marry very soon as she has been reported to be very concerned and focused on her reporting career. She wishes to dig out the truth of all conspiracy theories regarding the political allegations and speculations and keep the public well-informed. She sees this as her prime duty as a journalist. 


In this article, a lot of speculation on the question of Kaitlan Collins’ marriage has been addressed. It also serves the purpose of those who want an insight into the private life of Kaitlan Collins. She is a very seasoned American journalist known for her matchless work in political reporting. She received immense fame and respect all over the world, at a very young age, for her contribution to political journalism and reporting for summits and sexual harassment allegations. 


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