Klay Thompson Girlfriend: Laura Harrier, Tiffany Suarez, Hannah Stocking, Eiza González & Abigail Ratchford

Klay Thompson's Girlfriend: Affairs, Dating History & Net Worth

Curious about Klay Thompson’s love life? You aren’t alone! here at kyprisnews.com you’ll learn everything about Klay’s love life. We’ll tell you who he’s dating now and who he used to date. Laura Harrier, Tiffany Suarez, Hannah Stocking, Eiza González, and Abigail Ratchford are all names you should know. Get ready to find out Klay’s real girlfriend!

Klay Thompson Girlfriends & Relationship

Klay Thompson Girlfriends & Relationship

Klay Thompson’s romantic past, including his relationships with Laura Harrier, Tiffany Suarez, Hannah Stocking, Eiza González, and Abigail Ratchford. Discover what attracted Klay to each of these women, his current relationship status, and the future of his love life. (check web stories)

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Laura Harrier (2018 – 2020)

Klay Thompson had Longest and Most Serious Relationship Laura Harrier. Klay Thompson had a serious relationship with Laura Harrier. This started in June 2018. They were seen on many occasions, at events and on vacations. Harrier is an actress, known for movies such as “BlacKkKlansman” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming”.

Klay Thompson Girlfriend Laura Harrier
Klay Thompson Girlfriend Laura Harrier

Speculation of their break-up began in 2020. Neither Thompson nor Harrier confirmed the split, but they have not been seen together in public since that year.

Although their relationship was secretive, photos on social media showed how happy they were. It is unknown if they are still together, or if they have moved on. However, it is clear that their time together left a lasting impression.

Thompson’s love life always keeps people guessing. With many high-profile romances, fans are curious about who he will be linked to next.

Tiffany Suarez (2015)

Klay Thompson is a two-time NBA champ, who has been in the spotlight recently due to his relationships. Tiffany Suarez is the digital marketing manager linked to Thompson. It is uncertain if they were just friends or dating, as they kept it private. Sources claim they met while working on an advertising campaign and got along well.

Klay Thompson Girlfriend Tiffany Suarez
Klay Thompson Girlfriend Tiffany Suarez

Their relationship began but was kept secret. They were spotted together at parties and dinners, but it only lasted a few months. Tiffany is an independent woman, with a successful career, and she prefers to keep her personal life private.

Hannah Stocking (2014 – 2015)

After the split from Tiffany, Klay was linked to Hannah Stocking, a social media star with over 18 million followers. Their relationship was short-lived, lasting only a few weeks, and not much is known about it. Hannah is known for her funny videos on Vine and Instagram.

Klay Thompson Girlfriend Hannah Stocking
Klay Thompson Girlfriend Hannah Stocking

She also models and acts. Although their relationship was brief, they remain friends. They were seen together many times and made appearances on each other’s profiles. However, the relationship didn’t last long.

Klay and Hannah remained friendly after their split. They still follow each other on social media and have friendly chats.

Eiza González (2019)

Klay was also rumored to have been dating Eiza González, a Mexican actress. People saw them together multiple times in 2019. But, it seems they didn’t stay together for long.

Klay and Eiza kept their romance private and never confirmed the relationship to the public. No recent sightings or reports of them together have been seen.

Klay Thompson Girlfriend Eiza González
Klay Thompson Girlfriend Eiza González

Rumors say he’s dating Mexican actress Eiza González. Neither party has confirmed, but recent social media activity and a dinner date hint at something.

Thompson and Gonzalez reportedly dined together in Beverly Hills. They left separately, but only minutes apart. Plus, she liked his Instagram posts, and even commented with a heart-eyed emoji.

Fans are wondering if this is a new love interest for Thompson after previous relationships with celebrities like Hannah Stocking and Tiffany Suarez.

Abigail Ratchford (2017)

Klay Thompson, the professional basketball player, has been reportedly in a relationship with model Abigail Ratchford. Rumors have been going around, but neither of them have confirmed it. There have been hints though. Abigail posted photos and videos with Klay or captions referencing him. She also went to events where Klay was present.

Klay Thompson Girlfriend Abigail Ratchford
Klay Thompson Girlfriend Abigail Ratchford

It is unclear when they started or ended their relationship. Both Klay and Abigail usually keep their personal life private. But, rumors say they were together for some time before it ended.

Klay has been linked to other women too. Laura Harrier, Tiffany Suarez, Hannah Stocking, and Eiza González. It looks like he likes to keep his options open and is not scared to explore.

So what attracted Klay Thompson to these women? We’ll explore possible reasons why he took an interest in them.

What Attracted Klay Thompson To be In Relationship

What drew Klay Thompson to Laura Harrier, Tiffany Suarez, Hannah Stocking, Eiza González and Abigail Ratchford? Klay Thompson, a famous NBA player, had several relationships with stunning women. It’s worth thinking about what drew him to them. Here’s a list of key factors that may have drawn him to each of his ex-girlfriends:

  • Laura Harrier: Shared love of acting and similar interests.
  • Tiffany Suarez: Basketball and mutual friend Steph Curry.
  • Hannah Stocking: Similar sense of humor and outgoing personality.
  • Eiza González: Physical attraction and fashion.
  • Abigail Ratchford: Physical attraction (not confirmed).

Klay Thompson had different things that drew him to each woman. Laura may have caught his attention due to their shared love of acting. Tiffany may have been drawn together by basketball and Steph Curry. Hannah could have appealed to him because of her outgoing personality and sense of humor which fit well with Thompson’s laid-back attitude. With Eiza, he may have found her physically attractive and shared an interest in fashion. In regards to Abigail Ratchford, although their relationship was not confirmed, there were speculations on social media and tabloids. This leaves us to guess what attracted him to her.

Now, it’s interesting to find out Klay Thompson’s current relationship status. Read our next section to find out who he is dating now.

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Klay Thompson’s Current Relationship Status: Who is He Dating Now?

Name: None at Present

Relationship Status: Single

Klay Thompson, a professional NBA player, is private about his personal relationships. News about his dating life often makes headlines, but currently he seems to be focused on his career.

The Future of Klay Thompson’s Love Life: Who Will Be His Next Girlfriend?

It’s unknown who Klay Thompson’s next girlfriend might be. He and those close to him give no confirmation about any relationship. It’s all speculation, and only time will tell who will catch his eye and win his heart.

Klay Thompson has had quite a few high-profile relationships. He’s been linked to Laura Harrier, Tiffany Suarez, Hannah Stocking, Eiza González, and Abigail Ratchford. But, his current relationship status is a mystery. Everyone’s curious who Klay’s next girlfriend will be.

Klay’s a super busy athlete and it’s hard to predict his future love life. But, people always speculate about celebs’ dating lives. So, it’s likely Klay will continue to date.

Klay has a few options. He could meet someone through friends or colleagues. Or, he could use a dating app or meet someone at events. Plus, there’s the possibility of rekindling with a past flame.

It’s all up to Klay and his future GF. Even with basketball season and endorsements, he’ll make time for the right person just like anyone else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Klay Thompson’s current girlfriend?

Klay Thompson’s current girlfriend is Laura Harrier, an American actress known for her roles in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “BlacKkKlansman”.

2. Was Klay Thompson in a relationship with Tiffany Suarez?

Yes, Klay Thompson dated Tiffany Suarez, a professional beach volleyball player, in 2016. However, the couple broke up after a few months.

3. When was Klay Thompson in a relationship with Hannah Stocking?

Klay Thompson dated Hannah Stocking, a social media star and model, in 2014. However, the couple broke up after a year of dating.

4. Did Klay Thompson date Eiza González?

There were rumors that Klay Thompson dated Eiza González in 2019. However, neither Thompson nor González confirmed the relationship.

5. Was Klay Thompson in a romantic relationship with Abigail Ratchford?

There were rumors that Klay Thompson dated Abigail Ratchford, a model and actress. However, neither Thompson nor Ratchford confirmed the relationship.

6. Is Klay Thompson currently married or engaged?

No, Klay Thompson is not married or engaged at the moment. He is currently in a relationship with Laura Harrier.

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