Who Is Ryuta Otani? Unveiling Facts About Shohei Ohtani’s Brother

Unveiling Facts About Shohei Ohtani's Brother Ryuta Otani

Ryuta Otani is the elder brother of Shohei Otani. He is a professional Japanese Baseball pitcher. He plays as an amateur in the Industrial Japanese League and also works as a coach. Like his famous brother, he is also very fond of Baseball and is a great coach and player. 

Ryuta Otani Bio Summary

Name  Ryuta Otani
Birth Date March 20, 1988
Birthplace Nishi-Ku, Oshu, Japan
Age 35
Alma Mater Hanamaki Higashi High School
Marital Status Not Disclosed
Zodiac Sign Pisces 
Father’s Name Toru Otani
Mother’s Name Kayoko Otani
Siblings Shohei Otani and Yuka Otani
Children Not Disclosed
Nationality Japan
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Asian
Net Worth Can not be determined
Spouse Unknown
Social Media Fan-made pages only
Profession Baseball Player
Height 6 feet 1.3 inches
Weight Not Disclosed
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Education Maeda High School

Who Is Ryuta Otani (Baseball player)? Facts Need to Know

Ryuta Otani is the brother of the famous Japanese professional baseball player Shohei Otani. He plays in the Japanese Industrial League. He does not play sponsored baseball. Besides playing the sport, he also teaches it. He works as a Baseball Coach too. He came to the limelight after his younger brother Shohei Otani was declared “Japan’s Babe Ruth” due to his exceptional abilities in both hitting and pitching.

Who Is Ryuta Otani

Otherwise, Ryuta is very private and does not like disclosing anything about his life. He works as a coach for the Toyota Motor East Japan Inc. baseball team called Morioka. He also plays for this team occasionally to motivate his team members. There is not much information available about him in the public domain. It is not known why he chose to play only in the local teams of Japan only. Evidently, if he decided to play professional-sponsored baseball, he could have attained great heights. 

Early Life and Career

Ryuta Otani was born on March 20, 1988, to Toru Otani and Kayoko Otani. His two younger siblings succeeded him. His younger brother Shohei Otani is a notable Baseball Player for the Los Angeles Angels in Major League Baseball (MLB). He was born on July 5, 1994. He also has a younger sister named Yuka Otani. She has pursued a career in the Medical Field. Not much is known regarding her. He attended school in the Oshu Iwate locality and loved baseball. Four years into elementary school and he started playing it with full zeal. His father played baseball for industries; his mother was a national-level badminton player. So, they inherited the sports genes from their parents. 

He attended Hanamaki Higashi High School, where he officially polished his skills and played for many clubs. He later started playing in the left wing for Toyota Motor East. He actively took part after his first victory at the Tohoku games. His team Morioka won a second-round Tohoku area qualifier for Japan’s city baseball on June 6, 2018. This was the first time that the team secured its position in the championship. His team defeated Nippon Paper Industries Baseball Team 4-2 in Morioka.

Professional Baseball Career

He played baseball four years after elementary school under his father’s influence. Later, he graduated from Maeda High School and played in many clubs and independent leagues. He made his professional debut at Tokyo Dome. After two years of playing independent leagues, he was invited by Toyota Motor East Japan Club in April 2012. The team had only 13 members as it had just been formed.

They trained on abolished school grounds, and players were mostly amateurs from the locality. He also coached the team besides being their player. The team had won all of its qualifying rounds, and in 2017 it went past the semi-finals. But it gained its first victory in 2018. A golden day in the career of Ryuta Otani. He played as an outfielder for the team. Although he did not perform well in the finals, he shed tears of joy to see his team play so well. The team had grown and learned from him, and he seemed proud. 

Achievements and Awards

Ryuta Otani does not play Baseball for the country yet, and he is not being speculated to plan in the coming time. Thus, now he does not have any record of awards. But he has achieved a lot from Baseball and for his team. He manages to double time as a player and a coach for his team Morioka. The team made it to all the quarterfinals they played, gaining its first victory in 2018 against Nippon Paper Industries Baseball Team. 

On the other hand, his brother Shohei Otani is exceptional, with a list of accolades to his name. He hit 48 home runs and drove 166 RBIs in Japan. He also managed a 2.69 ERA and 651 strikeouts in just 92 appearances. He holds the Best nine award and also the Pacific League MVP

Personal Life and Family

Ryuta and his family follow Christianity and belong to East Asian ethnicity. Toru Otani’s father was also a great baseball player and played in the outfield for a company-sponsored amateur team. His father trained him in baseball while he was still in elementary school. But he was never forced to pursue baseball by his father. He started playing when he was in the 7th grade. They were treated very well by their parents. He did not have a rigid ambiance at home and was always supported in whatever he did. Ryuta did not get proper attention from his father in his early years as his father was busy working in a car company and with their other kids. 

Ryuta Otani’s Playing Style and Techniques

There are no means to know the playing style and techniques of Ryuta Otani. He has never been outspoken regarding himself and his gameplay. However, it is known that he is a good pitcher. His teammates also claim that he is a great coach.

Ryuta Otani's Professional Baseball Career

His team comprised amateur players from the locality itself. He trained them so well that they always made it to the quarterfinals from the team’s inception. Last time they played well even without him being at his best. His team outperformed him. There can be nothing greater for a coach to see his students outdo him. He even shed tears of joy at their victory in the Tohoku games. 

Ryuta Otani’s Statistics and Records

There are no records of ryuta Otani as such. However, it is known that he is a good pitcher. His teammates also claim that he is a great coach. His team made it to all the quarterfinals they played, gaining its first victory in 2018 against Nippon Paper Industries Baseball Team in Tohoku games. It is also evident that he is a great pitcher. On the other hand, his brother Shohei Otani is exceptional, with a list of accolades to his name. He was the fastest pitcher with a record of 100 mph as a U-18 member. 

Ryuta Otani's Statistics and Records

Ryuta Otani’s Contributions to the Sport of Baseball

Ryuta Otani has contributed a lot to the sport of baseball. Ryuya joined Toyota Motor East Japan Club in April 2012. There he formed a team comprising local amateur baseball players from the prefecture. The team was made of 13 players he played with and trained. He double-timed as a player and a coach for his team Morioka. The team qualified for all the quarter-finals since its inception in 2012. In 2018 the team achieved its first victory after qualifying for the semi-finals. They defeated the Nippon Paper Industry Baseball team 4-2 in Morioka at Tohoku Games. According to his teammates, Ryuta Otani has always been an exceptional pitcher and coach. He trained them in abolished school grounds and kept them motivated throughout their journey as a team.

Ryuta Otani’s Future Plans and Aspirations

Ryuta Otani is a very private person, and he maintains a low-key profile. He is not very outspoken about himself or his gameplay. He came to the limelight only because of his brother Shohei Otani, regarded as “Japanese Babe Ruth” owing to his exceptional skill in pitching and hitting. Ryuta proved to be a two-way star for Major League Baseball. He was the MVP for the team last season and represented Japan in the international baseball platform under the U-18 category. It is speculated that Ryuta Otani might be dating someone, but no concrete evidence of his dating can be acquired, like his brother. There is little information to the public regarding his future plans and aspirations. However, it is estimated that he will not pursue professional sponsor baseball and will remain the Morioka Team’s coach.

Lesser-Known Facts About Ryuta Otani

Ryuta avoided playing baseball with equipment when he was young because he feared getting hurt. Ryuta’s father regrets not giving Ryuta the attention he deserves due to financial difficulties. 


To conclude, Ryuta Otani is one of Japan’s greatest non-professional baseball coaches. He double-times as a coach and a player for his team Morioka. He has always supported his brother Shohei Otani and sacrificed a lot so that his brother makes it big baseball.

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