Delfina Suarez: Inside the Life of Luis Suarez’s Daughter

Delfina Suarez: Luis Suarez's Daughter

Delfina Suarez is the elder daughter of Luis Suarez (a professional football player from Uruguay) and his wife, Sofia Balbi (a successful Uruguayan entrepreneur woman). She was born on August 5, 2010. Now her age is 12 years old. She is one of three children of Luis Suarez and his wife, Sofia Balbi. 

When Delfina Suarez was born, her father (Luis Suarez) played for the Ajax football club and was the league’s top scorer. After joining the world-renowned football club Liverpool FC, Luis Suarez named his elder daughter Delfina. Originally, this name(Delfina’s) is an anagram of the English city Anfield. 

Delfina Suarez is the elder daughter of Luis Suarez
Source: Instagram

Born in a celebrity home, Delfina Suarez lives the life everyone once dreamed of. In fact, her parents love her so much because of their first and eldest daughter. Delfina Suarez celebrates big parties every year on her birthday. Delfina Suarez is one of the luckiest children who got a huge spotlight from birth and loving parents.

Brief summary of Delfina Suarez’s Bio

Delfina Suarez Bio

Full name Delfina Suarez
Date of birth August 5, 2010
Age 12 at 2023
Birth place Barcelona, Spain
Religion Christianity 
Fathers name Luis Suarez’
Mothers name Sofia balbi
Sibling two younger siblings, Benjamin Suarez and Lautaro Suarez
Marital status Not married
Children None
Education Pre teen school
Former husband None 
Social media Instagram , facebook, tiktok
Profession  Student
Net worth Unknown 
Last update 25 april, 2023

Early Life of Delfina Suarez & Age

Delfina Suarez was born at the home of a professional football player and a global star (Luis Suarez). Her age is 12 year as of 2023. Sofia Balbi and Luis Suarez married in 2009, and a year later, their first daughter was born, Delfina Suarez. Officially she was born in Barcelona, Spain. Her father, Luis Suarez, has a mixed race of black grandfather.

Delfina Suarez Early life
Source: Instagram

When Delfi was born, her father was the top league goal scorer in the Ajax football club. She gets the spotlight from an early age. It all happens due to her father’s rising fame on the football field. A year later, her father moved to renewed football club, Liverpool FC, at a signing deal of €22 million. 

Luis Suarez called her elder daughter Delfina (an anagram of the English city Anfield). Later he got a tattoo of Delfina on his wrists, which he kissed on every goal. Years later, EA Sports recorded this routine celebration and named it (kiss the Wrist” after Delfi’s father, Luis Suarez. 

Growing Up with Luis Suarez

Delfina Suarez originally grew up in Barcelona, Spain. Indeed, her father only spent three years at Liverpool Fc (an English football club). In 2014,  Luis Suarez moved to the Barcelona football club. That’s why Delfina Suarez spent most of her time in this city. 

Delfi is a pre-teen and the first daughter of Luis Suarez. She is also the most loved child of her parents. Luis Suarez got a tattoo of her elder daughter on his wrist. He always kisses her name every time he scores a goal.

Delfina Suarez also loves her father and enjoys attending her father’s matches. She loves celebrating with Luis Suarez and posts her father’s goals and celebrations on social media. Luis Suarez called his family the strength of his career. Both Luis and Sofia Balbi share their daughters’ images on social media. Recently they went on vacation to an Arabic country and shared lovely moments with their fans.

Delfina’s Relationship with Her Father

Delfina Suarez is the first and only eldest daughter of Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi. As the first kid in Suarez’s family, Delfina is closest to her parents. Delfina has a very overwhelming relationship with her father. She loves to attend every match of her father’s and cheer with him.Delfina's Relationship with Her Father

Delfina believes in Christianity and holds citizenship of Spain. She is of mixed ethnic race, as her grandfather was black.

Education and Career Goals

Per the report, Delfina Suarez started his private preschool journey in Barcelona, Spain. Most of the kids come from football superstar homes in that school. Indeed, this is a well-reputed middle school in Barcelona. 

Luis Suarez’s Daughter shows admitted her higher study interest in the future. Additionally, she has other interests in sports, especially football, basketball, etc, which she plays in her free time. 

Until now, Delfina has the ambition to get higher studies and become a successful woman. Except Luis Suarez’s Daughter admits no education or career goals, as she is only 12 years old today. In the future, we will find other related information about Delfina Suarez’s education and career goals. 

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Delfina’s Hobbies and Interests

Delfina is an adorable child of  Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi. Her parents frequently post Delfi moments on their social media handles. She strictly focuses on her education and makes a better life in the future. Delfina loves to spend time with her hobbies, like playing football, basketball, and other activities. As per the report, Defli loves to travel to beautiful destinations and enjoys spending quality time with their parents during Christmas and other festivals.

Delfina's Hobbies and Interests
Source: Instagram

She doesn’t waste any time on useless things. Instead, she loves to enjoy her free time with her family. No information is available on Luis Suarez’s daughter’s hobbies and interests except for study and hobbies. Some people may search for her relationship, which is not available because she is only 12 years old and too little to go for any committed relationship. So Delfina is single and strictly follows her higher study dreams in the future. 

Delfina’s Relationship with her Siblings

Delfi has two younger siblings, Benjamin Suarez, and Lautaro Suarez. Benjamin was born in 2013, while lautaro was born in 2018, also known as Luti. Luti was born after Barcelona won the champions league by defeating Inter Milan. Luis Suarez shared his newborn baby (lute) picture on Instagram. Delfina's Relationship with her Siblings

Both Benjamin and Lautaro love to play with her elder sister Delfina Suarez. In recent days, Benjamin has already reached the age of 9, while Lautaro has reached the age of 4. Delfina frequently spent quality time playing with her little brothers. 

Delfina’s Involvement in Charity Work

Delfina is only 12 years old today, 2023. So she has little earnings to spend or give to charity or any foundation. However, his father, Luis Suarez, remembers his childhood origin and is the Perez Scremini Foundation ambassador. 

This organization works to help children fight against cancer and other serious diseases. Luis Suarez visited the organization and encouraged his kids to contribute to society. This football player is also involved in fundraising campaigns every year. Luis Suarez also donated thousands of dollars to other charity works like donating 1,000 Big Macs and others. 

Delfina’s Social Media Presence

Luis Suarez’s Daughter is sometimes recognized as a popular tik-tok star on social media. But it is not true. Indeed, the same account name, “Delfina Suarez,” was born in Mexico. However, she made it clear to her fans that this account is unrelated to football star Luis Suarez. 

Luis Suarez’s Daughter, Delfina Suarez, has many fake Instagram account names like Delfina.suarez9_. She has no social media channel but is featured on her parent’s media. Instead of wasting time on social media, Delfina Suarez loves to spend time with her younger brothers and lovable parents. You cannot reach her through social channels, but you can follow her activities on her parent’s social media posts.

Delfina’s Thoughts on Following in Her Father’s Footsteps

Delfina Suarez is always present at her father’s matches and loves to cheer for him. She lives in a big mansion and many beautiful homes with her family. Luis Suarez has a great reputation in the football and sports industry. As per the report, Delfina Suarez’s father has a net worth of 65-70 million USD.

Delfina's Thoughts on Following in Her Father's Footsteps
Source: Instagram

Delfi has no other ambition to follow in her father’s footsteps. Instead, she focuses on achieving higher study and making a better living. Her father, Luis Suarez, also does not disclose his future thoughts about his daughter.

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So above is the detailed guide about Inside the Life of Luis Suarez’s Daughter, Delfina Suarez. We hope you get clear answers related to your query. As per the report, Delfina is studying in Barcelona at preschool. She has an ambition of higher study and living her childhood dreams. As responsible parents, Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi do not force their daughters to make unwanted decisions. So that’s all for today. If you want to know more about celebrity life, follow this website. 

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    1. Yes, Delfina Suarez has social media. She has an Instagram account with the username delfina.suarez_712. She also has another Instagram account with the username delfina.suarez_92. In addition, she has a TikTok account where she posts videos

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